RIIWHS204D – Work Safely at Heights

Performance Evidence

Evidence is required to be collected that demonstrates a candidate’s competency in this unit. Evidence must be relevant to the roles within this sector’s work operations and satisfy all of the requirements of the performance criteria of this unit and include evidence that the candidate:

  • locates and applies relevant documentation, policies and procedures
  • demonstrates completion of working safely at heights that safely, effectively and efficiently meets all of the required outcomes on more than one (1) occasion including:
    • accessing, interpreting and applying technical and safety information for working at heights
    • assessing hazards and risk associated with working at heights and implement control methods
    • selecting wearing and caring for personal protective equipment
    • identifying required safety systems including fall protection and associated equipment
    • checking that fitting, adjusting and anchoring of fall protection and associated equipment is correct
    • performing work safely at heights

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of the following when working safely at heights:

  • names and functions of equipment, components and materials
  • complying with equipment manufacturer’s instructions and specifications
  • safe shifting and handling of tools and materials
  • adhering to statutory and regulatory authority requirements
  • the nature of work undertaken at heights
  • complying with heights safety systems
  • the processes of providing for safe working practices
  • using safety equipment/systems and considerations to facilitate working safely at heights
  • complying with safe work methods

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